The Role of Metadata in the Discovery, Selection and Acquisition of e-Books
This is a JISC funded project

IMPORTANT NOTE: The project has finished. It ran during 2011 and was completed in December 2011

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Why did we do this project?

There is much interest from librarians, publishers and vendors in user (or 'patron) driven approaches to the acquisition of ebooks by libraries in Higher Education.Our work contributes to the evidence base to help libraries and publishers better understand the requirements of patrons and develop affordable library-delivered e-books.

The particular scope of the project is the relationship between the patron’s motivation for selecting an e-book and the role that metadata plays.

Motivations for user-driven ebook acquisition and the role of metadata

The project addresses the current knowledge gap in the discovery, selection and acquisition of e-books to discover what the main drivers are for user ('patron') driven acquisitions/recommendations. The study to identifies the relationship between the user’s motivation for selecting an e-book and the role that metadata plays in the discovery, selection and eventual acquisition process.