Week 2 Beginning 4th July 2011

Discovery services

(Ken Chad). It seems that discovery services are beginning to make a real effort to incorporate ebooks into the central indexes. (e.g. recent announcement that Serial Solutions' Summon is indexing content from Ebrary (also owned by
ProQuest). So is this the future? No point then in indexing ebooks in the OPAC? What kind of metadata is being used for Discovery and exposed to the end user to help them make a purchase decision/ request. Terry Bucknell's comments about ebook metadata for the Summon service at Huddersfield are interesting (from the 'Identify Case studies' page of this wiki) :

(Tery Bucknell) In Summon and EBSCO Discovery Service, ebooks are largely found from the catalog MARC records that the library uploads to the discovery service, and hence the metadata is identical to that in the library catalogue. We can expect to see more publishers providing chapter-level metadata and/or full-text indexing to these products, as Oxford Scholarship Online and ScienceDirect already have. Then the discovery service does become a richer ebook discovery platform than the catalogue. It is surely no coincidence that in recent months ProQuest, who own Serials Solutions, have acquired ebrary, and EBSCO have acquired netLibrary. - Terry]

Special PDA issue of 'Against the Grain'

(Ken Chad) The June issue of 'Against the grain' the (print only) journal associated with Charleston Conference) is focussed on PDA There are several articles which I'm digesting at the moment . For example the following highlights the importance of metadata for discovery and places responsibility on publishers

'A publishers perspective on PDA' by Rebecca Seger and Lenny Allen for OUP had this to say *specifically* on metadata.
'In a demand driven world, the publishers who will have the most successful transition are the ones who do their utmost to ensure their content is being "driven to" at all points of the research spectrum. Discoverability through enhanced metadata is of key importance and it is truly up to publisher to drive discoverability of their books'