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Interviews are based on a ‘structured' approach based on structured interview templates. Interviews were undertaken by Ken Chad.

Publishers to interview

Contact details
Interviewed -see below
Ruth de Vulder
Product Sales Manager eBooks
Elsevier BV
Radarweg 29, 1043 NX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Mobile : (+31) 613 002 632
Palgrave McMillan
Interviewed-see below
Alison Jones
Director of Digital Development
Palgrave Macmillan
Hampshire. UK
RG21 6XS
Direct: +44 (0)1256 302622
-see below
Wouter Van der Velde
Taylor & Francis
Interviewed (results not public)
Mark Majurey | Digital Development Director
Taylor and Francis :an informa business
2 Park Square
Milton Park, Abingdon
Oxford OX14 4RN
Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 6288
Mob:+44 (0)7920 272908
Fax: +44 (0)20 7017 6292
-see below
Hannah Perrett
Recent article in Against the Grain (June 2011) talked about metadata
Rebecca; )

Questions to ask

Interview question/theme
Why will this be helpful to know? Why should we ask this? Other comments

How many ebooks for HE have you already published. How many annually.
Get some clear sense of the scale and publishing profile
What the profile (eg text books, subjects etc)

What needs are your ebooks meeting
What 'problem' are ebooks there to solve''be interesting to cross ref with other views and user motivations
How do you see the ebook market going in HE. How important is the HE ebook market to you
Get some background about trends, issues etc [Would be interesting to ask specifically about the UK HE market and importance, as well as HE globally - Sarah]
Why do you think users take advantage of PDA
Getting to *user* motivations
What are the main pricing models you sell under, both on your own site and on aggregator platforms? - Sarah
Background, helps to understand scale of involvement with PDA - Sarah
What kinds of metadata do you provide with your ebooks--e.g. basic bib stuff, subject data ? enriched data-e.g. reviews synopsis,
Baseline data required
Are there other forms of metadata you'd like to have/add or are planning to add

How important do you think metadata is for the discovery selection and acquisition of ebooks. What for you is the key role of metadata

How do you construct the metadata for ebooks
understand the process and flows (cf RIN 'Creating catalogues report 2009)


Cambridge University Press


Ruth De Vulder

Palgrave Macmillan

Alison Jones