Stakeholders - Ebook platform provider/vendor
including providers of discovery services that include ebooks in their central index

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Interviews are based on a ‘structured' approach based on structured interview templates.

Platform providers

Contact details
on project team
Jude Norris
on project team. Discovery Service provider
Scott Wasinger
Ingram (MyiLibrary)
on Project team
Nadine Prowse
Proquest/Serial Solutions
Ebrary ebooks platform and Summon Discovery service

Jane Burke
ExLibris Primo discovery service

Robert Bley


Interview question/theme
Why will this be helpful to know? Why should we ask this? Other comments

GENERAL ebooks

How many ebooks do you currently offer to (UK) HE customers.
Get some sense of the scale of the market
How big a part of your business is providing ebooks to UKHE

Through what channels do you offer how can customers avail themselves of your ebook offering

Where do you get your ebooks from

How do you see the ebook market developing in HE. How important is the HE ebook market to you
Understand the landscape into which PDA fits. Chapters?


If you no NOT offer PDA why not.

If you DO offer PDA how does it work

What level of transactions is going through PDA at the moment
get some relative sense of scale to other ways of providing ebooks to HE
Who are the main advocates of PDA at the moment--and why

Why do you think users take advantage of PDA
getting to user motivations
What data or services do you provide to support the user (motivations/needs)-eg recommender services, ratings. reviews?
trying to see where metadata fits into what might be a range of user centric services


Where do you get/how do you create, ebook metadata
understanding the metadata flow cf RIN Creating catalogues report 2009
What is the nature of the metadata you provide:ie AACR/MARC record (bibliographic/descriptive) --TOC chapter headings, blurbs etc

Do you enhance the metadata (you get from e.g. publishers) for your customers. If so in what way
ie is this part of their 'added value'? CF added services question above
In your view what are the key metadata for discovery of ebooks by users

What is the role of metadata in helping users select and purchase/recommend for purchase. Are their particular metadata element for example that are critical

Is there a role of for metadata in de-motivating user from selecting ebooks. Eg ‘if only I’d known that about the book I’d never have selected it'.

Who gets access to your metadata-libraries, discovery services providers

Do you charge customers (e.g. libraries) for metadata



(Jude Norris)


(Scott Wasinger)


Nadine Prowse