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Interviews are based on a ‘structured' approach based on structured interview templates.

Librarians interview

Librarians interviewed
contact details/ comments
Nick Woolley
King's College London
Information Resources Manager,Library Services
26-29 Drury Lane. London WC2B 5RL
(Nick has now moved jobs to Northumbria University)
Terry Bucknell Liverpool
on project team
Sarah Thompson,York
on project team
Graham Stone, Huddersfield (and UKSG)
June Thorburn
Assistant Director
Library and Learning Services Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 8ST
Tel 0191 2274146
Amanda Boll
Metadata Librarian and part-time Head of Technical Services
Robinson Library
Back Jesmond Road West
Newcastle University

Tel: 0191 2227724
Jackie Harrison
University of Hertfordshire
Learning Resources Centre
College Lane
AL10 9AB
Telephone : 01707 284750


Interview question/theme
Why will this be helpful to know? Why should we ask this? Other comments

How many ebooks do your offer in total
Need to get some idea of the current scale of PDA.
What providers do you use

What percentage of total purchased gets used often (say 3x per year)
Some sense that number of high use ebooks is relatively small?
What channels: Collections, individual titles, PDA etc.

From your perspective what role(s) do ebooks serve..i.e. why do you provide ebooks
Be useful to cross ref this with user motivations
What kinds of ebook are most important-e.g. textbooks, core course reading

Where do users find out/discover ebooks-OPAC, reading list, ebook platform, discovery service (e.g. Summon or publisher A&I, Google)
Each system may have different metadata issues
Are you moving towards a *single* library discovery service that includes ebooks
Lots of universities are employing Discovery services like Primo/Summon/EBSCO DS. So is that where we need to focus our exploration of metadata issues.
What will be the system of record (which has the most comprehensive metadata record


Does you library use (or has it tried) PDA
How does it work

If you have used PDA what 'problem' were you trying to solve with it
The user motivation for PDA
How many ebooks are purchased by user-driven acquisitions
Relative scale of PDA
Why do you think students 'buy' /recommend ebooks (e.g. via PDA
Basic motivation question

What kinds of metadata are exposed to user to help discovery. Descriptive, evaluative. Reviews, TOC, abstract, blurb
Baseline data of the kinds of metadata in the process
In your view what are the key metadata for discovery of ebook by users

What is the role of metadata in helping users select/purchase/recommend for purchase. Are there particular metadata elements for example that are critical

Is there a role of for metadata in de-motivating users from selecting ebooks. Eg ‘if only I’d known that about the book I’d never have selected it.

How do you get the metadata in your systems (OPAC, Discovery service etc)

Do you add/edit ebook metadata yourself..why. What do you edit/add/delete. Eg do you add in the OPAC whether an ebook is on a reading list

Do different ebook access services expose different metadata..if so explain..


University Of Durham

University of Hertfordshire

King College London

University of Liverpool

University of York

So what will be the system of record (which has the most comprehensive metadata record