Case study
Hertfordshire University

The following information is from the 'stakeholder interview'

PDA has been run during the academic year and then closed down at the end of Semester B

Use EBL and Dawsonera (for 2 years+)

Load and de-dupe records, De-dupe is a real problem—can’t match successfully on isbn. We have to clean up the ‘junk’ in the 0202 field in Marcedit. We need an unambiguous 020 to match and de-dupe... that’s why we don’t load MyiLibrary –they have their own “isbn”

Will use the 776 field for ‘standard isbn’ to assist with de-duping.

PDA was triggered after 2 short term rentals..that meant 46% of budget was spent on rentals (and the ebook wasn’t necessarily purchased for the collection).

In second full year (2010-2011) loaded EBL first then Dawsonera. Dawson PDA is based on 5 browses then a purchase. Can mean that only the 5th person to browse will be able to carry on and do all that possible with a purchase, as single user would have to browse 5 times.

This new regime has saved money

The aim is to get a balance between money spent on rentals (which can’t be used again) and outright purchases and positive user experience